Our detailed knowledge of all matters related to cremation, ensures the family of smooth handling of all arrangements. We take care of completing and processing all of the necessary documentation.

We serve the following crematoria:

  • The Island Crematorium, in Cork
  • Glasnevin Crematorium, in Dublin
  • Newlands Cross Crematorium, in Dublin
  • Mount Jerome Crematorium, in Dublin
  • Shannon Crematorium, in Clare
  • Dardistown Crematorium, in North Dublin

Services which include cremation can be a simple removal directly to the crematorium or may also include the more standard overnight in a funeral home, residence or church, followed by cremation. Following cremation, ashes may be buried, scattered or retained by the family and we are available to assist you with this, in any way we can.

At the family’s request, we provide a service of collecting cremated remains from an official crematorium in Ireland for later scattering of ashes or committal in a family plot. Click here for more about cremation, or ask John.